We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

Please call us and you will understand why so many brides have chosen us.

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What music do I need to select for the ceremony?

You will need to select something for the seating of the grandmothers and mothers.
Something for the Bridesmaid’s processional
Something for the Bride’s processional
Very often there is a short meditation piece, lighting of the Unity Candle, for example.
Recessional for the bridal party to leave
Postlude for your guests to leave

If you are having a Catholic Mass you will also need to select:

Responsorial Psalm
Gospel Acclamation
Presentation of the Gifts
Mass parts
Sign of Peace
If you are doing a presentation of flowers to the Blessed Mother

 Will you play a Catholic Mass without an organist?

We do more than 40 wedding masses a year and are very familiar with the timing of the music.
We can do a Catholic Mass with or without an organist.
We can usually coordinate our playing to the organ for the mass parts.
Check with your Church.
Some will require you to use their organist and some will charge you a “bench fee” even if you don’t use their organist.

Can you recommend a vocalist?

On our web site we have several singers that we have worked with.
They are all professional singers and will do an excellent job.
We ask that you contact them directly.
Their contact information is with their biographies.

What if I want to use my own vocalist?

We can work with your vocalist or one that is recommended by your church.
We ask your singer to arrive 15 minutes before the prelude music begins (about 45 minutes before the ceremony) to rehearse with us.

Will you help us list the music we selected in our program?

We can give you a list of the proper names for the music you selected and the composer’s names.

How will you know when to start the music for the ceremony?

We will need someone to let us know when the grandmothers are ready to be seated.

Do you attend my wedding rehearsal?

It’s not necessary for us to attend, and it would incur an additional expense.
We have vast experience in coordinating the music to the ceremony.

Do we need to time our entrances to finish with the music?

No, we will do the timing. Just let us know how many people will process to each piece of music.

How do the musicians dress?

We dress concert formal unless you request otherwise. The men wear tuxedos and the women wear black attire.

What do you require at the location?

We require four armless chairs set up wherever you would like us to be.

Is there an extra charge if my wedding ceremony and reception are at two different locations?

No, there is no extra charge. This happens quite frequently.

If you are not available for our wedding date can you help us find other musicians?

Yes. We can assemble a string quartet for you from the many musicians who have substituted with us.
These are all professional musicians and will do an excellent job.
They will use the same sheet music that we normally use and you can coordinate all the details through us.

How do we go about booking you?

If you call us and tell us that you want to hire us, we will reserve the time and date for you.
We then ask you to download a contract from our web site and mail it to us with a 50% deposit.

We noticed that your prices have gone up.

Unfortunately we have had to raise our prices slightly.
However, we are still very competitively priced.
Unlike a lot of other groups, we publish our prices on our web site.
There are no hidden charges and our services are not taxable.

Will you play outdoors?

Yes. Our only concerns are the safety of the instruments and the ability to provide quality music.
This means that we must be in full shade.
There must be no precipitation, and the temperature must be at least 65 degrees.

Do you collaborate with other musicians?

Yes. We have collaborated with many other musicians, including vocalists, flautists, trumpet players and organists.
We usually have a short 10 – 15 minute rehearsal before the prelude music begins.
We would be happy to hire or recommend additional musicians, if you wish.

What happens if our wedding starts late?

A few minutes usually is not a problem, however if we have another commitment, we may have to leave at the contracted time.
We will stay as long as we can.

Will it cost more if you stay past the contracted time?

Yes. We charge $250.00 for every half hour over the contracted time.



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  • Andy and Karen
    Dear Tony and the Shrewsbury Quartet, Thank you so much for taking part in our wedding day. Your lovely music made the day even more beautiful. Tony, thanks for always being on the ball and being so helpful. Best, Andy and Karen
  • Nicole and George
    Dear Tony and Shrewsbury Quartet! September 4th was flawless! The music was amazing and I will remember it as long as I live! Thank you for your time and all your help but most of all thank you for the music! People are still talking about it! Much love, Nicole and George
  • Jen
    Dear Shrewsbury String Quartet Thank you so much for playing during our wedding ceremony. You sounded great and really played a big part in making our day special! I’ve enclosed some pictures for you to keep. Thanks again. Jen